Sandra Cuevas denounced threats from the owners of the La Polar restaurant: “They make me laugh”

Sandra Cuevas denounced that she has received death threats on social networks (Photo: Sandra Cuevas)
Sandra Cuevas denounced that she has received death threats on social networks (Photo: Sandra Cuevas)

After noticing the final closure of the restaurant “the polar”, establishment in which a customer diedthe mayoress of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevasdenounced that he has received threats of death in social networks.

Last Wednesday, January 11, in an interview with the host Adela Micha, the mayoress of Cuauhtémoc revealed that she has received death threats from a fake restaurant bar accountwhich, he assured, could be operated by staff from the canteen.

“We ask the mayoress Sandra Cuevas to calm down her scavenging impulses, we are going to cooperate with the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, an honest and corruption-free institution, something she is unaware of, no matter how many political godfathers or shock groups you have, the truth will prevail”, read the official.

In the talk, Sandra Cuevas dismissed the threats, saying that rather than seeing them as something dangerous, “they make her laugh”: “Yesterday I read a tweet from a fake ‘La Polar’ account, but that they also operated themselves, which is linked, and they expressed themselves very badly. I read it and saw it as a threat, but the reality is that These types of comments, far from scaring me, because they give me more tools to say that this place will not reopen”.

And he reaffirmed: “If they think they are going to intimidate me, they make me laugh, and this place will not reopen”

He also highlighted that there is a record of Threats made by the owners of the establishment to customers who complain about the mistreatment within the premises, for which he reiterated that he will do everything legally possible so that the restaurant does not reopen its doors.

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc also shared that, after the alleged murder by beatings of Antonio Monroy Jiménez, 59, on January 8, his work team began looking for a history of complaints against the restaurant-bar in the mayor’s office, but found none.

However, when searching on social networks, they found “all the atrocities” that are perpetrated from said restaurantsuch as sale of adulterated alcohol, sale of drugs, mistreatment and beatings.

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