Sanctions will help the United States take away a share of the arms market from Russia

The Russian military-industrial complex has reduced exports due to Western sanctions. Restrictions will help USA take away a share of the arms market from the Russian Federation if the States manage to take advantage of the situation.

The magazine reported Defense News with reference to the statement of the coordinator of the National Security Council for defense policy and arms control Cara Abercrombie.

A White House spokeswoman at an industry conference, ComDef, noted that Russia’s defense industry, hit by sanctions, has provided an opportunity for US companies and other Western corporations to “bite off” market share.

“Countries that have had to rely on Russian equipment will find it very difficult to obtain products from the Russian military-industrial complex. This is an opportunity for the United States to provide the support that these countries need,” Abercrombie said.

This is not the first time the White House has been talking about this. Back in the spring, an employee of the State Department for South and Central Asian Affairs spoke in the same vein Donald Lu. Then he spoke about the opportunities for the American “defense industry” that open up after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions.

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