Sanctions slow down Russian offensive in Ukraine: Pentagon official

According to the US assessment, the Russian advance in the East and South of Ukraine has slowed to a crawl, stalling in some places or even rolling back, in particular in the Kherson region.

This was announced at a briefing in the Pentagon by a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Defense, Ukrinform reports with reference to

“Russia is failing on the battlefield and failing internally at home,” the official said, referring to the effects of U.S. and European sanctions on Russia.

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Thus, he noted that large Russian state-owned companies have already lost 70-90% of their market capitalization, about 1,000 transnational companies have suspended their work in Russia, inflation is rising to 20%, and the stock market has lost a third of its value.

The Pentagon spokesman also said the National Intelligence Council had released a “terrible report” that referred to at least 18 so-called filtration camps where Ukrainians are subjected to inhumane conditions, including ill-treatment and, in some cases, execution.

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However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine effectively repulse enemy attacks and force them out of Ukrainian soil.

“Even when Russia scares, even when it threatens the Ukrainian people, Ukrainians continue to boldly advance. They are making extreme use of the $8.2 billion worth of equipment we have provided so far,” the official said and announced another security assistance package that will meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.

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Recall that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov discussed the current situation and defense assistance with the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin. According to him, soon there will be means to strengthen our defenses.

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