Sanctions are an excuse to replace oligarchic groups

Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives spoke about the idea of ​​a “golden billion”. What are the disadvantages of this model of the world order, the authors of the publication EADaily said.

The President of the Russian Federation voiced important ideas for modern civilization. He criticized the thoughts of national exclusiveness, which underlies the division of peoples into first and second grade.

Behind the beautiful words about the “Great Reset” and the “Fourth Economic Revolution”, the “golden billion” subordinates the entire global socio-economic system to a single task, which can be designated as “human development for the elite”,” the text of the article reads.

The authors of the publication saw the benefit in the fact that the Western world imposed sanctions against Russian billionaires.

“The sanctions announced by the countries of the “golden billion” against the oligarchs of Russia and the Russian capital they exported abroad are a good reason to intensify the process of replacing oligarchic groups with a national elite,” media reports.

These ideas are detailed in the material EADaily.

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