San Memo Ochoa: the best memes left by Lewandowski’s penalty save in Qatar 2022

To celebrate the penalty that Memo Ochoa stopped, the Mexicans took on the task of making memes (Photos: Twittwer)
To celebrate the penalty that Memo Ochoa stopped, the Mexicans took on the task of making memes (Photos: Twittwer)

The highlight of the meeting between Poland and Mexico was presented when the figure of Barcelona, Robert Lewandowskiwho had the opportunity at his feet to give his team the victory through a penalty scored by the Australian referee Chris Beath.

The former Bayern Munich striker was responsible for a distance of twelve stepsto execute a pronounced auction, which facilitated his work to memo ochoawho thanks to his big save became for an instant a saint for mexican fans.

memo is participating in his fifth World Cup and he was the one who deflected a shot to the Blaugrana star, just after 56 minutes to be able to rescue a valuable point for the tri, who has not lost in a world premiere since 1994 in the United States.

It was thanks to the 37-year-old goalkeeper of the Mexican team, the same as in the Brazil edition held in 2014, who became the overall sensation through a brilliant performance before the five-time world champion.

Qatar 2022 – Mexico Vs Poland – Match Summary

The experienced goalkeeper became the first Mexican to stop a shot from twelve steps, since the contest that took place in 1966 in England. The Aztec hero spoke in an official broadcast after the meeting and dedicated the following words: “Life is that capricious, It’s been a while since I stopped a pityly it came to give todaylife gives me these moments. The key is work and perseverance”.

On the other hand, the 34-year-old Lewandowski has been establishing himself as the All-time goalscorer for the Polish national teambut so far it continues without being able to score a goal in a World Cup.

At the moment when the game seemed to get complicated for the Aztec team, Ochoa made a spectacular save just over the goal line and managed to keep the score at zero, which later resulted in the rescue of a valuable point.

The Mexican goalkeeper is not exactly known for being a great penalty saver, however, as happened in Brazil and Russia, the americanista became the tricolor hero.

Given the great skill shown by the goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, Internet users took on the task of carrying out a meme series to commemorate the moment:

For some soccer fans, Memo went from being a goalkeeper to being part of the Mexican Saints.

Some other people felt that the results were not what they expected and therefore considered it to be the complete opposite.

The fans can sometimes seem harsh with their selection, however it is clear that they only do it so that the players show positive results.

(Photo: El Camaleoncito/Twitter)
(Photo: El Camaleoncito/Twitter)

For the inhabitants of Qatar, showing love between men is something very rare among the community, in addition to being strange, the fact of showing great demonstrations of love, for this reason makes them doubt the sexual orientation of the fans.

Those who had never planned to get married have found true love in the Mexican porter.

Netizens who decided to follow the World Cup broadcast since the wee hours of the morning and since then consider that they have been experiencing many emotions and changes in the results of the World Cup.


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