Saints: "We don’t talk about Cristiano"

Doha, 23 Nov. Fernando Santos, Portugal coach, denied that they are talking about the termination of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at the concentration and added that not even the Portuguese is commenting on it.

Santos, accompanied by Bruno Fernandes, spoke to the media before Portugal’s World Cup debut this Wednesday against Ghana.

The preview of the match, like the entire World Cup in Portugal, has been marked by Cristiano Ronaldo, who announced his termination of contract with Manchester United on Tuesday.

“We haven’t talked about this in the group, not even he has talked about it. The important thing is that the players are convinced of what they have to do, of what their goals are,” Santos said.

“What we want is to make the Portuguese enjoy themselves, that is our goal. The rest is secondary,” said the coach. EFE


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