Sadalsky reacted to the death of Shatunov

news about of death famous singer, star of the 80s generation Yuri Shatunov shocked many Russians. Responded to the sad news and the actor Stanislav Sadalskywho recently met with the musician.

According to the artist, the performer of the folk hits “White Roses” and “Gray Night” was in great shape and felt good.

“I’m in shock, they just called, they said that Yura Shatunov had died suddenly. A heart attack at 48, what is it? , handsome, athletic, young, cheerful,” wrote Sadalsky.

He noted that Shatunov was the idol of millions of teenagers in the USSR. Moreover, most of all he was loved by “girls” of all ages – from preschoolers to residents of nursing homes.

“The appearance of “Tender May” in the late 1980s was predetermined, the group became a symbol of the collapse of our stage, and its final chord before the death of a great state. But the songs were accepted, loved and loved until now, as a bright fragment of childhood and youth. Farewell, Yurochka … “- concluded the artist.

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