Sadalsky about the explosion on the Crimean bridge: “We wiped ourselves out”

Stanislav Sadalsky spoke sharply about the undermining of the Crimean bridge. The actor was surprised by the vulnerability of the bridge across the Kerch Strait, which, according to him, “crumbled from a simple truck.”

The Honored Artist of the RSFSR listed the objects that at different times became the targets of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The pipeline was blown up. We wiped it off. The bridge has now been blown up. Ours were stealing on the bridge. The Armed Forces of Ukraine Antonovsky bridge was destroyed for a whole month, and then they rubbed us that it could withstand a nuclear explosion, but crumbled from a simple truck,” Sadalsky is indignant in his microblog .

The star of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” recalled other threats to Kyiv.

“They also promised to bomb the Kremlin – they will blow up the mausoleum, will we apologize for living on our own land ?!” Sadalsky asks.

Formerly Ukrainian military analyst Alexey Arestovich claimed that damage the Crimean bridge only tactical nuclear weapons can.

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