Saboteurs – in sharashkas, traitors – against the wall – Sladkov

Voenkor Alexander Sladkovwho was in Krasny Liman before the Russian military left it, compared what is happening on the front line with a game of preference:

“The generals paint the bullet at the gaming table,” he wrote in his Telegram channel.


The military commander of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company explained that by “players” he means commanders of troops and military strategists:

“A military leader is a person chosen by the system according to his abilities, according to his talent. But how do they appear with us up there, in high headquarters?” Sladkov wonders.

In his opinion, failure in Liman – not the fault of the General Staff, but entirely the responsibility of the “battalion commanders” who failed to establish interaction between units and communications with the “neighbors”:

“The absence of artillery spotters and aircraft controllers, the lack of exchange of signalmen or communications officers is already a disease of the system. A microcircuit cannot work if it contains poker, felt boots, borscht and napalm. Such a system does not work, and it is difficult to demand from it to ensure the operation of the synchrophasotron.”

Switching to the language of metaphors so that people who are far from military science can understand him, Sladkov recalls that “they don’t smear Vaseline on eczema,” because it’s useless.

“War is on our doorstep. And we are still looking for Vaseline for the armed forces,” the military commander states, noting that the time has come to act “cruelly.” “Not harshly, but cruelly. Without a millimeter to the right and left. , traitors – to the wall. “

Moreover, the journalist clarifies, there are no “saboteurs” and “traitors” among the soldiers …

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