Sabotage and explosions at Nord Stream 2022: latest news, who benefits, who blew up

Sabotage on the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines is most in the interests of the United States

Sabotage on the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines is most in the interests of the United States

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Sabotage and explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines

If you want to know the customer of the crime – look for someone who benefits. The ancient Romans knew this. Sabotage on the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines is most of all in the interests of the United States, and if only for this reason, no matter how many officials and the press in the West point their arrows at Russia, no one will believe them anyway. This is what the latest news is about. Hinting who blew up the Nord Stream.

But there is another aspect to this story. It is clear who benefits. But who benefits the most? And here the answer is also obvious: of course, Germany. Even in its “green” frenzy, the current German government has always held the option of resuming supplies from Russia as a trump card up its sleeve. As recently as September 5, Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer said: “We still need Russian gas. And the end of the armed conflict in Ukraine will open up the opportunity to return to trade with Russia.” But this is precisely what America, which is determined to become the main supplier of natural gas to the European continent, could not allow. True, American liquefied gas (LNG) is 8-10 times more expensive than what was supplied to Germany via Nord Stream 1. But now Olaf Scholz and his team simply have no other choice.

However, this is just one episode. And the overall picture is much bleaker for Europe. Every week it becomes more and more obvious that the US has actually declared economic war on the European Union. For what? First, get a strong competitor out of the way. The total GDP of the EU countries reaches $17 trillion, and the US $23 trillion. At the same time, economists expected that in the next decade Europe would show faster growth than America. And secondly, it is necessary to solve at someone’s expense their economic problems with exorbitant public debt and trade deficit (when a country buys much more than it sells abroad). Europe is ideal for this. Can’t believe? Here are just some of the evidence.

Molecules of freedom

Undermining Russian gas pipelines was the final chord of American LNG entering the German market. This special operation took many years. To begin with, the European Union even had to change the pricing principle – they began to record in supply contracts not the price of long contracts, but momentary prices on the spot exchange, which are subject to sharp fluctuations. Then the construction of terminals for receiving liquefied gas began. It is no coincidence that the Maidan in Ukraine coincided with the beginning of the first export deliveries of gas from the United States to the Old World. It was necessary to create problems in the way of Russian gas.

Now the main task of the United States is to tie the Europeans to their resources with the longest possible contracts. And it will be possible, without hesitation, to pump out the last money from the European Union for decades.

“Three or four years ago, the United States said that it was necessary to buy not bad Russian gas, but American “freedom molecules”, even if they were more expensive,” he says. Igor Yushkov, Lead Analyst at the National Energy Security Fund. – At the same time, in the domestic American market, gas costs $300 per thousand cubic meters, and they sell it to Europe for $2500-3000. By doing this, they kill two birds with one stone: not only do they receive income from the sale of the resource, but also American goods become more competitive and oust European competitors from the shelves.

Transfer of production

The logical continuation of the previous paragraph is the “flight” of factories from Europe, primarily from Germany. First of all, this applies to industries that consume a lot of energy. These are chemical, glass and paper production, steel and aluminum industries, fertilizer plants. The process has already begun. Thus, ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, announced the closure of two German factories in favor of one Texas one. Elon Musk changed his mind about building a factory in Germany to produce charging batteries for his electric cars. And even the famous automaker Volkswagen publicly announced that it plans to relocate production to the States and southern European countries (where they will run on American gas).

Euro in free fall

Last July, for the first time in 20 years, the euro fell below $1, and by September, only 0.96 dollars were given for the euro currency. The sharp drop is caused by investors’ uncertainty about the future of the economy of the Old World. Even the scenario of the collapse of the eurozone is not ruled out. Because of these gloomy prospects, many cash savers in the West have moved from the euro to the safer haven of the dollar. This led to a dramatic change in course.

For ordinary Europeans, a 20% devaluation means an increase in already record inflation. All imported goods on the shelves, raw materials for factories (and not only American ones, because most international payments are made in dollars) have become even more expensive. But the American tourists who flooded Europe this year after the removal of covid restrictions are in chocolate. For their usual budget, they can now afford much more on a trip.

military supplies

The military-industrial complex is the locomotive of the American economy. The US exports twice as many weapons as Russia and ten times as much as China. And the “stars and stripes” want to increase their share in the world market even more.

It is no coincidence that in recent years the United States has insistently demanded that its NATO partners increase defense spending. And now, as they say, the situation obliges. But here’s what’s interesting: for some reason, when concluding contracts for the supply of weapons, Europeans very often give preference to American manufacturers over their own. Things got to the point that the Polish trade union of electrical engineering announced a protest action due to the dominance of American weapons (the country was literally pumped up with American Abrams tanks and HIMARS rocket launchers). They say that local production is idle, and the best specialists go abroad. And the head of the French company Airbus Helicopters, Bruno Even, called on the EU countries to “choose the European”, clearly concerned about Germany’s plans to abandon the French NH60 helicopters in favor of the American Apaches.

army bases

It is impossible not to mention the strengthening of the direct US military presence in Europe. This year, the number of troops at US bases in the EU has increased by 20,000 at once. Their total number is already 100 thousand people. The Pentagon is especially active on the so-called “Eastern flank of NATO” – in the Baltic States, Poland, Romania. This is explained, of course, by the Russian threat. However, it is no secret to anyone that the Americans always translate their military presence into political control over the country. It is enough to look at Japan, which has occupied a subordinate position in relation to the United States for 70 years, despite the fact that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have not been forgotten in the country.


Ukraine is a tool for the elimination of the EU

Mikhail Khazin, economist:

– If you face the truth, now there is a liquidation of one of the centers of the world economy called the European Union. And Ukraine is just a tool through which this liquidation takes place. If there were no Ukraine, it would be much more difficult to force the leadership of the European Union to commit suicidal actions. All this plays into the hands of the United States and China. They deprive a high-tech competitor. At the same time, of course, the level of the world economy will also drop a little because of this, but this is not so critical. The Anglo-Saxons themselves absolutely “do not care” what will happen next with Europe, in which 400 million people live. From their point of view, they are not human at all.

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