RuTube experts explained why the site does not work

On May 9, RuTube was subjected to a severe cyber attack, due to which video hosting is still not working. It was reported that “the code of the site has been completely removed.” Representatives of the service promise to restore the work of the Russian-language platform.

RuTube employees noted that the hackers aimed to disrupt the broadcast of the Victory Parade.

Russian service specialists lamented that “they are expected to solve all problems with lightning speed.” Repairing video hosting, according to RuTube representatives, is difficult, but possible.

“The gloomy forecasts have nothing to do with the current state of affairs: the source code is available, the library is intact. Now the recovery process is underway,” says the official explanation of RuTube specialists.

Earlier it was reported that the service is “unrecoverable” due to a cyberattack.

Previously, a security expert estimated the likelihood YouTube blocking in Russia.

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