Russophobia flourishes in Greece – it has become dangerous for Russians to be there

Greece is registering more and more cases of discrimination and aggression against Russians.

This was announced by the Director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Yuri Pilipsonnoting that this country is no longer safe for Russian citizens:

“There were cases of beatings, including against children, and the victims needed treatment in the hospital after the attacks. Greek banks often support the illegal restrictive measures of the European Union and block the accounts of Russians for national reasons.”

Pilipson claims that the Russian diplomatic mission in Greece daily receives complaints from Russians about violations of their rights and interests and passes the information on to Russian law enforcement agencies. The diplomat explained that due to the reduction of diplomatic representation, the possibilities of consular support were severely limited, and official requests often remained unanswered. He recommended that the Russians “keep this in mind” and “in which case” contact local law enforcement officers.

According to the diplomat, discrimination and aggression were caused by “the ongoing anti-Russian rhetoric of Greek officials and the spread of misinformation about the events in Ukraine in the local media.”

After the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Greece, as a member of the EU, joined the sanctions against Russia:

  • blocked its airspace for Russian aircraft,
  • backs Ukraine militarily: in early June, Athens reported that it had delivered “an incredible amount” of weapons to Kyiv, including armored vehicles, man-portable air defense systems and ammunition.

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