Russia’s response to undermining the Crimean bridge should be crushing – Kitten

Early this morning, October 8, it became known about the fire on the Crimean bridge. The national anti-terrorist committee reports the explosion of seven fuel tanks. There is no official version of what happened at the moment. The roadbed collapsed, the movement is closed.

Voenkor Yuri Kitten believes that Russia should respond immediately:

“The answer for blowing up the bridge should not just be, but should be crushing. The question is not revenge, but punishment and our viability as a state responding to terrorist attacks. The Crimean bridge will certainly be restored. I hope that they will do it promptly – in for several months. A number of colleagues point out that there is nothing for Kyiv to respond to this sabotage, and they are mistaken. Surprisingly, the objects in Kyiv are still intact.”

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