Russia’s new maritime doctrine signed by Vladimir Putin on July 31, 2022: 10 important facts

“Admiral Gorshkov” is now the most modern ship in the fleet

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This year the Navy Day turned out to be eventful. In addition to the traditional ship parades at the main naval bases, we also received a new maritime doctrine countries. And this, for a second, is a strategic document that determines our entire policy on the water.


But everything started as usual. Petersburg for several days began to prepare for the naval parade. Bridges were raised not only at night, but also during the day, so that gray steel warships could pass. Lights were lit on the rostral columns, as they do only at great celebrations. The wires between the street lamps were decorated with signal ship flags.

On July 31, two ship parades actually took place in the northern capital. Large submarines, missile cruisers lined up near Kronstadt – they simply would not have climbed into the Neva. Smaller ships appeared in the center of the city.


Vladimir Putin on a white presidential boat passed all the ships, congratulating the sailors on the holiday. Then he sailed to the Admiralteyskaya embankment, where delivered a speech.

– The fleet is constantly being improved. Suffice it to mention the Zircon hypersonic missiles, which have no analogues, for which there are no barriers. Their deliveries to the armed forces will begin in the coming months, the President announced.

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate will be the first to receive the latest missiles. It is now the most modern ship in the fleet. Apparently, he will be sent to different places – where the strike force is needed most.


Well, before the start of the official part of the parade, in the Peter and Paul Fortress, Putin signed a new maritime doctrine Russia. We have studied this 55 page Talmud and took the main facts:

1. Our national interests are primarily focused on: coastal marine zone; in the eastern Mediterranean; Black Sea, Baltic and Kuril straits, world water trade routes.

2. The desire of the United States to dominate the ocean threatens the national security of Russia.

3. Our dependence on maritime trade creates risks. After all, sanctions are being imposed against Russian courts.

4. But there is nowhere to go – now most of the international trade goes by water, so we will develop ports and build new ships.

5. Spaces in the Arctic have not been finally divided – this can also threaten difficulties, as other countries are ready to challenge control over the Northern Sea Route.

6. At the same time, the growth of the popularity of transportation in the North is our state goal.

7. We will do our best to process the caught fish at home, and not sell it abroad.

8. Shipyards capable of building large icebreakers and aircraft carriers will appear in the Far East.

9. And on the Black Sea will develop yacht tourism.

10. For the Arctic, we will start making nuclear-powered container ships capable of walking through the ice.


As early as July 31, Putin approved the new ship charter for the Navy. First of all, it gives more powers to military captains when dealing with foreign ships. Now sailors are prohibited from doing anything (wartime, of course, does not count) that could lead to conflict. The final decision is up to the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so the captain is obliged to send a request and wait. The new charter expands the capabilities of commanders.


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