Russia’s military potential turned out to be overestimated

Russia’s military potential turned out to be somewhat overestimated, but the enemy remains dangerous.

This opinion was expressed by Director of the Center for Public Research “Ukrainian Meridian” Dmitry Levus during an international round table in Ukrinform.

“The full-scale war has been going on for more than five months, and everything that the world imagined about the Russian army turned out to be just a bluff that was backed up by nothing but a nuclear baton. But Russian troops are dangerous. The war continues, 20% of the territory of Ukraine is still occupied by the Russian Federation, although they were forced to leave the northern regions as a result of defeats,” Levus said.

He stressed that in fact the Russian potential turned out to be somewhat overestimated. For example, Russia is forced to use the S-300 air defense system against ground targets in order to conserve a supply of missiles. Also, used equipment is removed from the storage bases – T-62 and Peonies.

Round table “Will Russia dare to fully mobilize for the war with Ukraine?” / Photo: Pavel Bagmut, Ukrinform

“We see that in fact there is not enough human resources – representatives of private military companies, reservists, and conscripts are fighting. Hidden mobilization continues in the Russian Federation, but they have not yet decided on open mobilization, ”the expert emphasized.

According to Oleg Lesnoy, Executive Director of the Accent Charitable Foundation, it is impossible to predict anything with confidence about the likelihood of a general mobilization in Russia. He advises of all possible options to anticipate the worst.

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“This morning in Kyiv showed that this is a monster that has some goals of its own and does not shun anything. For example, what do the Russians do with their “five hundred”, that is, refuseniks? They are kept in pits. It’s the same as sitting in the pits during the Chechen war. Only before, the enemies were imprisoned, but now their officers are imprisoned in a pit,” said Lesnoy.

At the same time, he drew attention to the following fact: when captured Russians are asked if they regret that they came to fight against the Ukrainians, it turns out that they do not. And for them there is no question – a just war or not.

Therefore, the expert insists, the Russian people and Putin should not be separated.

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Israeli media expert and IDF veteran Rostislav Golts focused more on supporting the Ukrainian side.

“We have hope for better news. The prime minister has changed in Israel, and he has already held talks with the leadership of the EU and NATO. It was decided that Israel would support the European sanctions package against the Russian Federation. Humanitarian aid to Ukraine has now been greatly increased. There is a decision to treat the Ukrainian wounded,” Goltz said.

On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a new phase of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. Russian invaders shell and bomb peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine, torture and kill civilians.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are putting up heroic resistance to the aggressor.

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