Russians with categories “A”, “B” and “C” fall under mobilization

Persons liable for military service with categories of validity “A”, “B” and “C” are subject to the partial mobilizationreported the portal Explain.rf.

Resource reminded on the existence of five categories of fitness for military service for health reasons:

  • A – fit for military service;
  • B – fit for military service with minor restrictions;
  • B – limited fit for military service;
  • G – temporarily unfit for military service;
  • D – unfit for military service.

This letter can be found on the 11th page of the military card.

Former military expert Yakov Kedmi stated that the mobilized Russians would replace contract soldiers on the second or third line of defense and
will control the liberated regions. The reservists will not be thrown into battle immediately, Kedmi emphasized.

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