Russians do not go in for sports and hardening – there are more important problems

Russians do not go in for sports and hardening - there are more important problems

Russians do not go in for sports and hardening – there are more important problems

A photo: Nikolay OBEREMCHENKO

Tempering is so cool and, since we live in a difficult climate, it’s even natural! Epiphany is coming soon, and we will see men and women diving into the hole. So, with hardening, we are all right? No matter how, the results of the survey, which took place on the KP.RU website, showed.

Only 4% of respondents said that their family is healthy: healthy lifestyle, hardening and other sports activities. And 31% said that it was not up to hardening – “there are more important problems.” True, almost the same number (33%) said that we are not tempering ourselves, but we think about a healthy lifestyle and try to introduce some elements. At least not everything is so hopeless.

Interestingly, among the problems that hinder the implementation of a healthy lifestyle is the lack of information: 8% said they had no idea how to harden. It would seem that in our time, when it is worth opening a smartphone, and hundreds of methods fall upon you – is this strange? In fact, no, and the point here is precisely in “hundreds of methods”. Some say that you need to breathe in a special way, others urge you to stand on nails, and others – to pour yourself. There are heated debates about the benefits or harms of a contrast shower. A person simply gets confused in this flow of information.

Private illnesses of children are also an important limiter. It is clear that when a child is constantly ill, are you glad that he is, in principle, able to go to school, before hardening? And with the mind, we perfectly understand: perhaps hardening would make a healthy child out of a constantly snotty baby. But it’s so scary to do something wrong and hurt.

The conclusion is this: there is little reliable information in the country, few methods designed for real life and real families, and there is practically no work at the level of schools and kindergartens. And another third of Russians are in such a tangle of everyday problems that there is no time to even think about health. A healthy lifestyle, sports and hardening are still a second-level need when the basic needs are satisfied. This is the main reason for not caring about your body. People would be happy and would like to, but they cannot.


Do you do child care? Are you tempering yourself?

4% of the whole family love sports, healthy lifestyle, hardening

33% do not specifically harden, but lead a healthy lifestyle

11% children in the family go in for sports, but adults do not

8% we would be tempered, but we don’t know how

13% children are constantly sick, there is no time for hardening

31% we have bigger problems

3.7 thousand people took part in the survey

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