Russians call on their military relatives to kill and torture Ukrainian children

Residents of Russia call on their military relatives to kill and torture Ukrainian children.

According to Ukrinform, the Security Service of Ukraine reports this in Telegram with reference to an intercepted conversation between a Russian military man and his wife.

The SBU managed to intercept near Kharkov. The enemy was talking on the phone with his wife, who lives in a city bordering Ukraine, where the invaders illegally deport Ukrainians.

The woman was outraged that Ukrainian children refused to draw symbols for the celebration of Victory Day, so she offered to punish them with inhuman torture.

According to the intercept, she stated: “I would have injected them with drugs, if I had worked, I would have looked into their eyes and said:“ Die, suffer. every day cut off, on a finger, so that it would hurt them so much.

Her interlocutor was shocked by these words, and he did not know what to answer, stressed the SBU.

“One thing is clear: the ‘Russian world’ is what modern Nazism is, no matter what slogans and goals it hides behind,” the secret service stressed.

As Ukrinform reported, according to a telephone conversation intercepted by the SBU with the father of a Russian military man who is in the Kharkiv region, Russian soldiers are losing confidence in their commanders and are preparing for riots.

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