Russians are massively ill with fluron. What is it and how to protect yourself

A new misfortune: people get sick with both covid and flu at the same time.

A new misfortune: people get sick with both covid and flu at the same time.

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New scourge: people fall ill with both covid and flu. The good old “respirator” is added to them. As an immunologist, candidate of medical sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov told Komsomolskaya Pravda, now there is the highest level of influenza spread in the last five years, a lot of respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus and other acute respiratory viral infections. The incidence of covid is also at a high level, although the indicators have decreased significantly compared to the winter of last year. Behind the scenes, the hybrid of influenza and coronavirus has already been dubbed “fluron”, from the English flu – flu and corona – coronavirus.

– A person really runs the risk of contracting several infections at once. Up to a quarter of all cases of acute respiratory viral infections are precisely combined infections, – says Nikolai Kryuchkov. – It happens that a person simultaneously becomes infected, for example, with influenza and adenovirus infection, adenovirus and rhinovirus infections. The fact of such infection can be detected by testing biological material from the upper respiratory tract.

But there is good news: getting sick with several ailments at once is not so scary. A person feels about the same from flu + covid as from one flu. But it’s bad for those who have weakened immunity, have chronic diseases, and the elderly. They have a negative effect from one infection may intensify another.

– The overall outcome of the cure is determined by the course of the most severe infection. For example, in the case of simultaneous infection with adenovirus and influenza, the total severity of the course of the disease will be on the side of influenza. If it is, say, covid and respiratory syncytial virus, then everything will be determined by the coronavirus. If the flu and the coronavirus, then, apparently, the coronavirus will also be the key to the course of the disease, since covid is a more severe infection than the flu, the expert believes.

For treatment, it is important to confirm or exclude the two most dangerous infections of this season – covid and influenza.

– At the start of any acute respiratory viral infection, temperature, runny nose, sore throat, it is important to do a rapid test for the coronavirus antigen or PCR test. Then take a flu test in the same way. For children under 3 years of age, diagnostics for respiratory syncytial virus is also essential, but, unfortunately, it is not so widely available. The rest of the respiratory infections for an adult, even the elderly or those with a reduced immune status, do not pose such a danger as covid and flu, says the immunologist. – If covid or influenza is confirmed, or, God forbid, both of these infections, then specific treatment will follow in addition to the general symptomatic treatment for SARS.


Testing for covid and flu is especially important for people at risk: people over 65, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, people with severe immunodeficiency, children under 5 years old.

– It is desirable for the rest to be tested for covid and flu. Anything happens. It must be understood that the pathogenicity, health hazard, covid is much more serious than even the flu, the disease of which can also be severe and with risks of complications, – says Nikolay Kryuchkov.


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