Russian woman married a rich Turk and after his arrest was left with 21 children in her arms

By the fall of 2021, the couple had 21 babies

By the fall of 2021, the couple had 21 babies


100 kids – so many heirs were going to start 24-year-old Kristina Gagarkina and her 57-year-old husband, eminent Turkish businessman Galip Ozturk.

By the time they met, which happened in Batumi, Christina was already raising her little daughter Vika. But this circumstance, and the difference in age (by the way, 23 years old!) And mentality, did not bother Galip. He immediately decided that the young Russian woman would become his wife.

To speed up the joy of motherhood with many children, Ozturk proposed to his young wife a brilliant plan: why wait for the birth of one child for 9 months, when you can get a dozen heirs thanks to surrogate mothers. Moreover, in Georgia this service is legalized. Each surrogate mother cost the couple 8,000 euros plus the cost of medical care, food and medicine.

As a result, by the fall of 2021, the couple had 21 babies. The family is located in a two-story apartment with an open terrace in Batumi. The first floor was given to the children for bedrooms, playrooms and a kitchen, and the second floor was given to Kristina and Galip.

While Galip was in the hotel business in Georgia, Kristina blogged about motherhood and ran a couple of hotels at the same time. Immediately after the wedding, Ozturk made his wife the director of several hotels, so that she learned to make difficult decisions on her own, and then passed this skill on to her children.

But, according to the laws of the genre, any idyll can collapse at any moment. The police of Georgia acted as an evil wizard in this beautiful love story.


The businessman was arrested by the Georgian authorities at the end of May in Batumi. Galip was detained on charges of money laundering and forgery of documents, the Finance Ministry said. During a search of the headquarters of the Batumi GO company, the investigative service found a large amount of cash, psychotropic substances and 7.2 kg of cocaine. All this complicates the position of Ozturk.

The Batumi court sent the businessman to the isolation ward for two months while the investigation continues. The lawyers tried to object, emphasizing that the prosecutor’s office had made false accusations and asked to release their client on bail of 1 million lari (18.7 million rubles). However, the prosecutor opposed this, recalling that Galip could escape from the country.

– I was born in a Georgian village and I love Georgia since childhood. I made my first investment in Georgia. My home is in Georgia, where should I run? I am ready to cooperate, Ozturk tried to justify himself, but the court was adamant

A family photo comes out with difficulty: all the kids do not fit in the frame!

A family photo comes out with difficulty: all the kids do not fit in the frame!



Galip was born in northern Turkey, not far from the border with Georgia, in a poor family with many children. As a child, he sold apples, then served tea to people standing in line. At the age of 13, he went to Istanbul with his brother, where he first worked in a teahouse, and then in a small tea shop at the Topkapı bus station. There the idea was born to create a bus company, which in 1992 came to life.

At first, the Metro Tourism company consisted of only three buses and traveled along the Istanbul-Ankara route, but quickly grew. Galip received recognition among his colleagues, headed the Federation of Bus Drivers of Turkey. Ozturk’s auto empire took over 40 companies and several of the largest bus stations in Istanbul.

However, there were no dark spots. In 2003, the businessman was tried for creating a criminal group “focused on making a profit.” Four years later, he was accused of manipulating the Istanbul Stock Exchange, then detained for forcing another businessman to sign a promissory note for 2 million lira. But every time Galip came out dry from the water.

But in 2012, the court sent Ozturk to prison for numerous financial fraud and cocaine use. A little later, the businessman was reminded of the sins of youth. He was sentenced to life in prison for instigating a murder in 1996 that was seen as a blood feud. But in 2018, Galip managed to escape from Turkey to Georgia.


At the new location, the businessman concentrated on the development of Batumi GO, which controls the hotel chain in Batumi, while remaining only the honorary chairman of Metro Tourism. According to media reports, by 2020 he has invested about $500 million in the Georgian economy.

All this time, Galip’s business aroused genuine interest among Georgian investigative journalists. Their Turkish colleagues, in turn, wrote that in Georgia, Ozturk did not give up shady dealings: one of his partners is Derkan Basher, who is wanted by Interpol, in particular, for protecting online sweepstakes. Together they acquired a large shopping center Metro City in Batumi.

Now the Investigative Service of the Ministry of Finance is investigating possible facts of document forgery, tax evasion and money laundering. The accounts of the company and the businessman are temporarily arrested.


While Galip is in the Georgian detention center, his wife continues to run the household. She is assisted in this by 16 nannies, who cost about $96,000 a year. Daily Mail.

“The feeling of loneliness does not leave me even with so many close people around. I’m used to the fact that my husband is always at home, always there. Since Galip has been working exclusively from home in recent years, we constantly spent time together during the day. At night, when the children were put to bed, they chatted incessantly, ”Kristina wrote on social networks. “Now it’s more difficult for me than ever, I can’t stand silence, I can’t stand his absence, I can’t sleep and wake up alone, I can’t see his empty workplace …”

How soon they can meet, the court will decide. Previously, a businessman can go to jail for a period of 8 to 20 years, in the worst case – until the end of his days.

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