Russian who fled from mobilization to Georgia: “Message – you won’t be able to leave”

A citizen of the Russian Federation hiding in Georgia explained who is most often deployed at the border. Morally humiliating conditions have been created for some categories of Russians, he believes.

A Russian who passed the checkpoint in Upper Lars said that men over 35 years old with families have the best chances to safely cross the border with a neighboring country.

“Teenagers, companies of men of 20 years old are the most risky group. Young Caucasians are being deployed. We slipped right before the deployment of the mobilization center,” the Rise newspaper quotes the words of the man.

The interlocutor of the publication said that Caucasians are “taken in batches.”

“Morally derogatory conditions have been created. The message is don’t rock the boat, you won’t be able to leave,” explained the fugitive from partial mobilization.

The man noted the polite attitude of the employees at the Georgian border. Customs officers instruct visiting Russians in detail, talking about the procedure.

Earlier it was reported that on the border with Georgia, Russians fleeing from the mobilization waiting for the agenda for a special operation in Ukraine.

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