Russian TV channel NTV Mir stopped broadcasting in France

The French media regulator stopped the broadcast of the Russian TV channel due to inciting hatred of violence, as well as providing false information.

This is reported press office National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Ukrifnorm reports.

“On the website of the French media regulator Arcom, its decision of July 27 to send the satellite operator Eutelsat SA an official message about the termination of the broadcast of the Russian TV channel NTV Mir was made public. It was made based on the analysis of the channel’s programs due to its violation of obligations to not incite hatred or violence and honesty information,” the statement said.

According to an analysis of the content of the NTV Mir channel, the French media regulator found that it “tends to repeatedly present not only Ukrainian leaders and the army, but above all the Ukrainian population as supporters of the Nazi ideology of the Third Reich and representatives of extremism.”

At the same time, it is reported that this television service is positioning the use of military strikes against Ukrainian leadership centers and the civilian population not only as legal, but also in need of strengthening.

Arcom also recorded illegal statements regarding the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine and the state itself.

“The Ukrainian army is called ‘recidivists, rapists and murderers’, the President of Ukraine is called ‘a comedian in the role of Hitler, who ordered a missile to be fired at women and children’ or ‘toxic’, and Ukraine is called a ‘terrorist state’,” reports the French media regulator.

All these facts, according to the French side, “create a particularly disturbing and threatening image of the Ukrainian population as a whole, which is likely to incite hatred towards them, and also legitimize the use of violence against the Ukrainian population and, thus, may incite violence against them.” on a national basis.

Meanwhile, Arcom exposed the facts of provision of unreliable information by the Russian broadcaster.

“For example, in the “Criminal Regime” program of April 24, 2022, comments were circulated stating that the Ukrainian regime pardoned criminals in order to integrate them into its army in order to consolidate this regime and discredit the Russian army. The massacre in Bucha was presented as the work of the Ukrainian “neo-Nazi” and his team,” the French media regulator said.

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As a result, Arcom recognized the broadcast of these programs on the NTV Mir channel as a violation of the law of September 30, 1986.

It is noted that within 48 hours after the announcement of this decision, Eutelsat SA should have officially announced the termination of the broadcast of the NTV Mir service.

As Ukrinform reported, the French Foreign Ministry emphasized the legitimacy of the decision to suspend the activities of the Russian channel RT France.

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