Russian ostelovn sent two grain warehouses in the port city of Mykolaiv | Svt

The state terminal for Evri vegetable oils, which belongs to Viterra, was damaged by a rocket flux, while one hunter was slightly injured, the company said. Zazen, which was bought in 2020 by the parent company Viterry Glencore, has a storage capacity of 160,000 tons.

The Bunge terminal, with a facility for loading ships and producing vegetable oil, was closed from the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the 24th. His intervention with Russian missiles also confirmed the company’s speech.

Ukrainian ports Mykolaiv and Odsa are since the arrest of the conflict blockade, which hampers the development of agricultural products from Ukraine. One of Russia’s and Turkey’s open corridors has not yet yielded concrete results. According to Ankara, the first foreign ship since the arrest of the Russian invasion has sailed from the Ukrainian port of Mariupol on Wednesday.

On the Donbas Russian according to intensify pressure on Ukrainian troops. According to British military intelligence, the Russians have moved 5 kilometers north since Sunday to the town of Lysyansk and occupied two other villages – Loskutivka and Raj-Oleksandrivka, the British Ministry of Defense said in its early mucus.

Neptel occupied Loskutivka and Raj-Oleksandrivka, which is located near Lysyansk and Severodonsk, said the commander of the Ukrainian army, with the fact that the current Russian offensive is surrounded by Lysyansk. According to Kiev, the Russian army, according to Kiev, spent its full control of Severodonck, fully controlled.

Rusov also does not give up his efforts to occupy the road leading from Bachmut to Lysyansk, which is one of the last supply routes for the easternmost Donbass front. He fights for the guilt of the Berest village.

According to the statement, the Russian people are taking an offensive in the direction of Zolote. According to the first day, Ukrainian troops evacuated the area from the previous day in order to avoid being surrounded by the Russian advance from Lysyansk.

The occupation of two villages near Lysyansk confirmed the governor of Luhansk region Serhiy Hajdaj. According to him, the struggle for industrial arel to the back of the city has long taken place in Severodonsk. Lysyansk himself gave the Russian osteol, who had suffered the injured in the past day. Under the rubble of the house, the body of a dead mue was found.


The British Ministry of Defense said in its early days that Russian officials had in all days very likely advanced by a full kilometer to another suburban, Lysyansk. the armor had to move so that it would not be surrounded. According to him, the Russian approach is the result of reinforcements and concentrated fire. The rise of the Ukrainian defenses in Lysyansk and Severodonsk finds itself under increased pressure, Russia’s efforts to ir surrounded the western part of the Donetsk region have nevertheless stalled.

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