Russian intelligence officers showed the trophy arsenal of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Allied troops are advancing, Ukrainian fighters are leaving their positions, dropping weapons. Trophies are sorted out by soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the NM of the LPR. If intelligence finds weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then its removal is difficult for the unit. It is impossible to throw a weapon, since it risks falling back into the hands of the enemy, it is also not possible to destroy trophies, because this can unmask the group.

Scouts of the Southern Military District shared one of the latest finds on the Web. There are more than 20 weapons on the footage, but they could not throw such “prizes”, so they took everything from the rear of the enemy. Typically, a reconnaissance group consists of about 10 people in full combat gear. This time I had to return back with extra cargo in the form of captured ATGMs and RPGs.

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