Russian Federation tries to shift the blame for the jump in food prices to sanctions – Burbock

Russia is the only culprit behind the global food crisis and the grain shortage that threatens to starve millions of people.

This was stated by German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock before the start of the international conference on global food security in Berlin on Friday, Ukrinform reports.

“Russia deliberately uses hunger as a weapon of war and holds the whole world hostage,” the Foreign Minister said.

The hunger crisis is rising like a life-threatening wave, “but it was the Russian war that turned the wave into a tsunami,” Burbock said. She chided the Kremlin for trying to shift the blame for the jump in food prices to those who imposed sanctions, and recalled that no sanctions were imposed on Russian grain exports. The reason for this situation is, first of all, that it is Russia that creates the crisis by blocking Ukrainian ports and granaries.

According to the politician, 345 million people in 82 countries are at risk of food insecurity. She also cited the figure of 44 billion euros needed to overcome the world’s hunger crisis, of which only half has been funded.

The conference in Berlin, which is co-organized by three German ministries – foreign affairs, food and agriculture, and economic development – is supported by the UN. It is attended by 40 ministers (FM of Germany, France, the USA and Italy), 50 delegations, including representatives of the UN, civil society, as well as countries that have been particularly affected by the situation, in particular, Ukraine. Our state is represented at the event by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Nikolay Solsky.

At the conference on Friday, the federal government will work to ensure that other donors also make commitments in the coming weeks, but no concrete promises for financial assistance are expected at the Berlin conference, it is not a donor.

For many years, the federal government was the second largest donor in the world after the United States. To mitigate the effects of the Russian war of conquest on global food security, Germany, as G7 chairman, pledged an additional 430 million euros in March. This year, Germany is investing around 4 billion euros in humanitarian food aid and crisis food systems.

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As reported, on February 24, Russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, continuing the war started in 2014. As a result of hostilities, more than 20 million tons of grain were blocked in Ukrainian ports, a significant part of which was intended for the UN World Food Program.

The European Union has created so-called solidarity corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain by rail, road and inland waterways, but these emergency measures cannot fully solve the problem with grain exports. The EU supports UN efforts to find ways to unblock Ukrainian ports and resume merchant shipping in the Black Sea.

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