Russian drivers may be left without a license due to poor health

Lose your license from March 2023 drivers may be due to health conditions. The government commission approved a draft amendment to the law “On Road Safety”, obliging physicians to send all data on the health of drivers to the traffic police. They write about it

All information about patients whose diseases are incompatible with driving will now be available to the traffic police. Doctors will have to upload examination data into a single electronic system.

The list of diseases in which you can not drive a car has been around for a long time. It mainly includes mental illness, visual impairment, musculoskeletal system, absence of limbs or their serious diseases. However, this database did not actually work.

Non-professional drivers now undergo a medical examination once every ten years, after the expiration of their licenses. However, during this time, anything can happen to a person, he can get sick, and the traffic police will not know this.

As it became known to the publication, under the new law, the traffic police, presumably, will be able to deprive the rights of drivers with medical contraindications automatically. It is not yet known exactly how the new database will function, but it is assumed that if a driver has medical contraindications for driving, the inspectors themselves will see this in the database, cancel his rights and send him for an extraordinary examination. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the person will be banned from driving.

If the driver avoids such an inspection, the traffic police will decide to terminate the ability to drive the vehicle. Automotive experts are of the opinion that the databases of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs may be merged.

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