Russian “Dagger” destroyed an ammunition depot in Odessa

On the evening of May 9, the Russian military fired seven missiles at Odessa using aviation. The missiles hit the shopping center “Riviera” and the warehouse of finished products. This was reported by Ukrainian sources. They claim that it was a civilian object.

However, the result of the missiles hit was the detonation of some explosive materials, which somehow “randomly” ended up in the center. A series of strong explosions followed, then a fire started.

The Ukrainian authorities do not give an answer how the ammunition ended up in the warehouse, but in this regard one can recall the Retroville shopping center in Kyiv, which was used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as an artillery base, and which suffered a similar fate.

On the same day, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed by rockets “Dagger” in Odessa, a few more hotels with foreign mercenaries.

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