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Vasileostrovskiy District Court of St. Petersburg on Friday, July 29, extended the arrest of 25-year-old Belarusian citizen Yana Pinchuk for three months. As indicated Telegram channel RusNewsthe prosecutor’s office insisted on extending the girl’s detention in the pre-trial detention center, as this is necessary “to agree on the place and time of her transfer to the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus.”

Earlier, a Russian court upheld the decision to extradite Pinchuk to Belarus, where she is accused of administering the Telegram channel “Vitebsk 97%”, which the Belarusian court recognized as “extremist”. The girl was detained in Russia in the fall of 2021 at the request of Belarus, She has been in jail since November. and several times complained about the conditions of detention. She pleaded not guilty.

Lawyers tried to appeal the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation on the extradition of Pinchuk, and the UN Human Rights Committee objected to this decision.but Russian court upheld it.

Lukashenko continues to look for “extremists” in the country

In July 2022, human rights activists from the Human Constanta presented a report on the activities of the center for combating “extremism” in Belarus – according to him, since the 2020 elections, which led to a wave of protests in the country, which were harshly suppressed on the orders of Alexander Lukashenko, who declared victory in the elections, the number of “extremist” cases in Belarus continues to grow.

In addition to the hunt for activists, the authorities of Belarus have expanded the list of reasons why citizens can be recognized as “extremists” – the concept of “extremist formations” has appeared in the legislation of the republic, which, due to the vagueness of the wording, can be recognized as almost any association of citizens. Moreover, the recognition of such “formations” is carried out by state bodies without trial, and according to Belarusian human rights activists, someone can even be considered a member of such a formation for subscribing to a “forbidden” page on social networks. Also in July in the country the activities of all non-state trade unions were banned.

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