Russian Black Sea Fleet will take revenge on Ukrainian nationalists for hitting headquarters in Sevastopol

The Black Sea Fleet of Russia will take revenge on the Ukrainian nationalists for the attack on the headquarters in Sevastopol.

This was announced by a military expert Viktor Baranets.

He noted that military attack Ukraine had a political and sabotage significance. So the Kyiv authorities decided to spoil the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy.

According to him, Kyiv will call its attack on the headquarters a successful breakthrough of the Russian air defense. But the UAV was launched from the Crimea. Therefore, air defense was unable to detect the drone.

“Ukrainians, of course, will prove that we missed at all lines. No, I am absolutely convinced that if the drone had been launched 500 km from the target, we would have seen it. I think it was the saboteurs who launched the unmanned vehicle while nearby “, – quotes the analyst edition of PolitRussia.

Baranets is confident that Russia will not leave the sabotage unanswered. The RF Armed Forces can “spoil more than one holiday for the Kyiv regime.”

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