Russian authorities were late with the mobilization

military expert Vladislav Shurygin spoke about the progress Russian special operation peace enforcement in Ukraine and appreciated the introduction of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation.

According to the specialist, the authorities of our country should not have carried out a “police operation” in the first two months. According to Shurygin, Moscow in vain expected the completely loyal attitude of local residents and a quick refusal armies of Ukraine fight. The expert stressed that Kyiv had been preparing for a collision for several years.

“Ukraine’s answer is an absolutely Soviet mobilization, Stalin’s know-how,” added the specialist, whose words are quoted by “Military Affairs”.

As the interlocutor of the publication explained, the Kyiv authorities constantly mobilized citizens. According to Shurygin, a large number of soldiers made it possible to “buy time.”

At the same time, the expert said that Russia should have announced partial mobilization three months ago.

Former military journalist Andrey Rudenko said that the APU took ten towns in the Kherson region.

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