Russian Armed Forces carried out missile strikes on militant targets in Merefa near Kharkov

Last night, the Russian Armed Forces continued to carry out missile strikes on military targets in Ukraine. One of these facilities was destroyed near Merefa, Kharkov region. This was reported in the social networks of this city.

Residents write that there were several explosions, they thundered at the facility, where nationalist personnel have been actively transferred recently.

Also, missile strikes with the aim of “thinning out” the personnel of the enemy, who intended to go to “counterattack on Kherson”, inflicted on the positions of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the junction of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, writes “Military Review”.

In addition, another series of strikes was inflicted on objects in Nikolaev itself. An air raid alert sounded in the city during the night. A fire broke out at one of the affected objects.

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