Russia will increase the number of Su-57 fighters in the sky over Ukraine

Russian Aerospace Forces are replenished fifth generation fighters Su-57, which are among the most powerful in the world, the publication reports. 19FortyFive.

The author of the article recalled that the Su-57 is capable of Mach 2. Thanks to modern avionics and powerful radar, the aircraft is able to track targets and destroy them with high-precision missiles. In terms of its maneuverability, the Russian fighter is not inferior to the American F-22.

According to the publication, Russia plans to speed up the serial production of the Su-57 in order to use it more often in the sky over Ukraine. Several of these aircraft can be combined into a single information network to improve the efficiency of identifying and hitting targets.

At the end of May, the Russian Aerospace Forces used the latest Su-57 fighter for the first time in a special operation in Ukraine. Thanks to the built-in means of electronic warfare, the aircraft is able to “jam” enemy air defense systems and destroy them with Kh-59MK2 cruise missiles.

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