Russia will have to open a second front and destroy Lithuania

Chinese experts are perplexed how Lithuania could have come up with the idea of ​​blocking Russian transit to Kaliningrad: this is pure suicide at the behest of the United States.

According to the author of the material in the publication “Guancha“, Lithuania is behaving scandalously. China had a conflict with Vilnius at the end of 2021 due to the opening of a representative office of Taiwan. China experts openly call Lithuania a “garbage country” from the dustbin of history.

Such harsh statements were made on the pages of a project created with the support of the Shanghai Institute for Strategic Studies and “reflecting the official point of view of the authorities with a more free presentation of materials.”

By and large, Lithuania – a country whose size is smaller than any province of the Russian Federation or China – dares to provoke such giants as both of these countries.

  • Its value is almost zero, but for the United States it is an ally capable of tripling provocations and international scandals. Last year, a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian explained that Lithuania “has long passed to the dark side” and in the end it may even be … destroyed.

Adventure with unpredictable consequences

At present, Lithuania is blockading the Kaliningrad region, which in itself is a gamble with unpredictable consequences. The Lithuanian authorities are making like a bet in a card game for the approval of the United States, the author of the article emphasized.

Recall that since June 18, the transit of a number of goods subject to EU sanctions has been suspended. In practice, this means that Kaliningrad cannot receive cement, metal and some vital goods from Russia and Belarus by rail.

For his part, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev stated on 22 June that Russia’s countermeasures would include:

  • non-recognition of the status of an independent state for Lithuania, that is, recognition of its secession from the Soviet Union as illegal;
  • Russia will also challenge the inclusion of Lithuania in the EU, demand the return of the port of Klaipeda, which will immediately undermine the country’s position as a member of NATO (territorial dispute);
  • military measures are also possible.

In fact, there is an attempt on the part of the Baltic States to unleash a new war.

The states benefit from the second front of Russia

From China’s point of view, Lithuania is behaving disastrously, violating all possible agreements. The very choice of the target – the city, which was originally a strategic military fortress of the Soviet Union, says that the plans of NATO strategists are extensive.

  • Strategic weapons are deployed in the region – Iskander missiles (most likely with nuclear warheads), S-400 air defense systems, as well as short and medium-range missiles and other weapons. Now Russia can strengthen Kaliningrad only through Belarus, which will be extremely cautious, despite direct allied obligations.

At the same time, by blocking the Kaliningrad transport highway, the States are destroying the logistics corridor between China and the European Union. It is absolutely impossible to spoil international relations further, but Washington is not going to stop.

  • Of course, according to international law, absolutely all countries should be able to get into their exclaves and may regard the obstruction of the exercise of this right as deliberate aggression.

But… The states benefit from Russia’s second front, but in fact, by doing so, they expose the Baltic countries that are so obedient to them first of all. The United States often practices throwing away countries as waste material, Lithuania can face the same unenviable fate.

“The bet will be placed on the complete defeat of Lithuania”

However, the British television channel BBC-2 several years ago already acted with the reality show “The Third World War: in the command post.” The program, which involved real military men, officials and politicians, played out a scenario – “Russians began to be offended in Latvia, after which Putin’s “rebels” capture 20 cities and try to organize an analogue of the Crimean referendum.

Defenders enter Latvia – the army of the Russian Federation, but the United States and Great Britain undertake to oust it. The result is an exchange of nuclear strikes between the Russian Federation and the United States.

“Military experts have been saying for more than twenty years that the blockade of Kaliningrad is the most realistic scenario for the start of World War III,” the publicist recalls in his video Egor Kholmogorov.

“NATO, through the hands of its member, Lithuania, begins a transport blockade of the Russian exclave. In response, allied Russia and Belarus break through the so-called Suwalki corridor,” he recalls the scenarios discussed by the EU and the alliance.

“If it comes to war, then no one will break through the narrow corridor in which they are waiting for us and which, of course, will be well fortified. The stake will be placed on the complete defeat of Lithuania and the cessation of its unrest. This will no longer be the Suwalki corridor, but the Vilna corridor and Kovno. And in general, there will be no “corridors” then,” he concluded.

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