Russia will have to destroy the endless army of Ukraine after the Donbass

In Ukraine, a large army is now fighting against Russia, but Kyiv can put another four million people into operation. And, it is clear that the Russian military will not be able to destroy so many. This opinion was expressed by a military historian Evgeny Norin.

He noted in an interview with that it could take a long time to wait for the enemy to scatter. And now Ukraine has serious losses, they number in the tens of thousands, but they do not pose a threat to demography.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the number of killed soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is unlikely to go to hundreds of thousands.

The campaign in Donbass will end during this year, but then it will be necessary to determine what do nextsince the battles lead to serious destruction in the occupied territories, which will have to be rebuilt, the expert added.

He suggested that by the end of the year, it could happen that neither side will be able to radically change the balance of power. And the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will have to “crush men from Ukraine, and she will send new ones.

“If there is no additional superior factor, then all this can go on for a very long time,” the analyst concluded.

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