Russia will destroy the Baltic states – NATO must intervene

Prime Minister of Estonia Kaya Callas stated that the model NATO behavior regarding “Russian aggression” became outdated after the start of the special operation in Ukraine. According to the politician, the North Atlantic Alliance must intervene in the situation in the Baltic countries, otherwise Russia will “wipe them off the map.”

According to Kallas, against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine, the alliance must immediately respond to what is happening in the Baltic countries:

  • Estonia,
  • Latvia,
  • Lithuania.

“If we compare the size of Ukraine and the Baltic states, then this will mean the complete destruction of our countries, our culture,” the prime minister said at a briefing. “Those of you who have been to Tallinn and know our Old Town and the centuries-old history and culture that exist here, all this will be erased from the map, including our people, our nation.”

How specifically the North Atlantic Alliance should “show itself” in the Baltics, Kallas did not specify, but stressed that the strategy of waiting for a “Russian invasion” and only then acting is outdated.

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