Russia will conduct several waves of mobilization – Strelkov

Former head of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov said that several waves could pass in Russia mobilization. In his opinion, this will allow to obtain a qualitative superiority in manpower over the enemy.

“I believe that Russia will conduct several waves of mobilization. It will create a qualitative and quantitative superiority over the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defeat them and force them to surrender. I see only such a result,” he said in an interview with the NSN.

Strelkov expressed the hope that the NATO countries would not wish to enter into a full-scale confrontation with Russia, limiting themselves to the supply of weapons and mercenaries. In any case, Ukraine will lose and be reformatted, he believes.

At the same time, Strelkov stressed that partial mobilization reduces the chances of the possible use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation.

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