russia still refuses to restore turbine use for nord stream 1

Russia has so far refused to resume use of the gas turbine that Germany and Canada have agreed to hand over to it, despite sanctions, to resume normal gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

This was confirmed by Wolfgang Buechner, spokesman for the federal government of Germany, at a briefing on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“The fact is that the turbine could already be used. And thus eliminated a recognizable reason not to supply as much (of gas) as could be supplied for political reasons,” Buechner said.

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Siemens Energy, he said, can transfer the turbine to the Russian side at any time, but “this process is not moving forward for various reasons, and they are political.”

The German side does not report the exact location of the turbine, explaining this by the safety aspect. So it is not known for sure whether the unit is located in Germany, where it was delivered from Canada, or already in Russia.

The fact that the turbine, which passed the scheduled technical adjustment in Canada, was delivered, was reported last week. Another government spokesman, Christine Hoffmann, admitted at the time that “the turbine is being used by Gazprom as an excuse not to supply enough gas, it’s not the fault of the German side, not because of Canada, not for some technical reasons that there is no gas.. “Our impression is that cutting the gas, or sometimes perhaps cutting the gas and increasing it again, is part of the power game.”

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It was reported that Gazprom, as the owner of the turbine, did not want to accept it due to the fact that the turbine was delivered not directly to the Portov point, but first to Germany, and also because of the alleged lack of guarantees that Western sanctions would not be applied in use case. In recent weeks, Russia has reduced the supply of its gas through the main export route to 20% of its capacity and frankly offers Germany to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, although there are technical possibilities not only to increase pumping through the main pipeline, but also through the territory of Ukraine.

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