Russia sent a nuclear train to Ukraine? Does he exist at all?

Combat railway missile system (BZHRK) 15P961 `Molodets` with an intercontinental ballistic missile (MBL) 15ZH61 (RT-23 UTTH) is in the museum of railway equipment.

Combat railway missile system (BZHRK) 15P961 `Molodets` with an intercontinental ballistic missile (MBL) 15ZH61 (RT-23 UTTH) is in the museum of railway equipment.

A photo: Alexander GLUZ

British newspaper The Times has long “gained fame” as an anti-Russian provocateur, fulfilling the sensitive orders of the special services of his country. This time she gave a new sensation:

Russia may soon test tactical nuclear weapons near the borders of Ukraine or in the Black Sea. Moreover, “the train of the secret nuclear division is already heading towards Ukraine.” The sources of this explosive information, of course, are not indicated. Well, now let’s try to understand this perfidious lie.

1. Russia is a party to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The document was adopted by the UN in 1996 and ratified by Moscow in the same year. It prohibits any test explosions of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere; in space; under water and in any other environment, if such an explosion causes radioactive fallout outside the territory of the state conducting such an explosion.

Only a madman can imagine that Russia, already heavily sanctioned on all sides, will decide to incur a new wave of sanctions.

2. There hasn’t been a single “nuclear train” in Russia for a long time. There were combat railway missile systems (BZHRK). But all of them were cut into pieces under Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Huge intercontinental missiles were placed in their cars. You have to be a hopeless amateur or a stupid provocateur to talk about a whole train in which Russian specialists are allegedly carrying tactical nuclear weapons the size of an artillery shell.

3. The height of insanity is to test tactical nuclear weapons “near the borders of Ukraine or in the Black Sea.” If “near the borders with Ukraine”, does it mean on the territory of Russia or what? This is – considerable destruction, death of people and animals, fires, radiation, crippled ecology for many decades.

For what? And even more so, you have to be crazy (or a journalist from The Times) to arrange a nuclear explosion in the Black Sea. This is already dangerous for all Black Sea states, for ships and, again, for the environment. Contaminated water can cause mass diseases of people and fish. And at the same time – new sanctions. Turkey can prohibit the passage of our Black Sea ships through its straits. And most importantly, the main Russian resorts – Crimea and Sochi – will become unusable. Why do we need such adventures?

Well, what caused all these nuclear horror stories with which Western politicians, the military and the media began to amuse themselves intensely? The same The Times explains: “In this way, the Kremlin signals its readiness for a significant escalation and indicates a real opportunity to use weapons of mass destruction, as Russia loses ground on the battlefield.”

This nonsense has already been answered by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov: “The Kremlin does not intend to take part in the “nuclear rhetoric exercises”.

It is curious that the other day, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that “does not see any signals that Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.” And thanks for that.

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