Russia responded to Japan with a “blow in the face”

Russia powerfully responded to Japan’s aggressive policy by inflicting a new countersanction strikewrites the Chinese edition of NetEase.

Such, according to journalists from China, was the decision to stop trading in the yen on the Moscow Exchange, which will take effect from August 8.

“If Japan, which has supported anti-Russian sanctions, wants to trade with Russia in the future, it will not be able to use either the Japanese yen, or the US dollar, or the ruble. You will have to find a way to pay. Alternatively, you will need to exchange the Japanese yen for yuan, and then use the yuan to buy Russian goods,” explains NetEasenoting the obvious benefit of China.

Japan has a new reason to panic

The Russian counter-sanction is painful for Japan, whose exchange rate – the yen – has already noticeably “dipped” and does not stop falling. Interestingly, the difficulties that Tokyo is facing are caused by the activities of the US Federal Reserve. Americans have been raising interest rates over the past few days, which has had a negative impact on many world currencies.

It is not yet clear how Japan will react to Russia’s decision, Chinese journalists write. But, in their opinion, “following Washington’s course will still cause a lot of problems for Tokyo.”

“In short, Japan is about to start paying off its debts for having previously provoked Russia,” the NetEase authors summarize.

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