Russia may launch tactical nuclear strike on Ukraine – CNN

CNN has published an article about Russian tactical nuclear weapons, also called small nuclear weapons. The authors of the material admit that Russia will be able to use such weapons against Ukraine.

“Putin’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons Can Deal As Much As The Atomic Bombs Dropped On Japan,” reads the headline of the publication. CNN.

It is noted that after the withdrawal of troops from the Kharkov region, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin again threatened the world with nuclear weapons. According to the publication, we are talking about its tactical version. In his speech, Putin stressed that if the “territorial integrity of the country and to protect Russia and its people” are threatened, the country will use all available weapons systems.

The authors of the publication also express fears that a nuclear conflict could quickly get out of control, cause panic and claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The Russian publication “Russian Spring” commented on this publication, saying that the United States is preparing Ukrainians for the fact that the Russian Federation will inflict a “small nuclear strike” on them.

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