Russia itself will inspect dry cargo ships in the Black Sea

The Russian Federation warned the UN that it would independently inspect ships in the Black Sea.

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya the day before, he said that the drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet put an end to the humanitarian dimension of the “grain deal”. And the execution of this deal without our participation is unacceptable for the Kremlin, he stressed.

The Russian Federation will take its own measures to inspect dry cargo ships. Russia’s permanent representative to the UN stressed that the agreements adopted without Moscow “do not obligate us to anything.”

Nebenzia noted that Russia is surprised at the lack of condemnation by the United Nations of the attack of the Kyiv regime on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships. At the same time, the Russian Federation “sees attempts to artificially speed up the inspection of goods as part of a grain deal.”

Previously Vladimir Putin stated that the drones that hit Sevastopol were walking in the corridor along which grain was taken out.

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