Russia is trying to sow fear in Europe

The German government has accused Russia of launching an “attack” on Germany and the EU by restricting gas supplies to the continent.

“The reduction in gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is an attack against us – an economic attack against us,” said the German economy minister Robert Habekadding that Moscow is trying to sow fear in Europe and that the gas supply situation could lead to a crisis worse than the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall that Gazprom last week cut the gas supply to Germany via the SP-1 pipeline by 60% due to the fact that the turbines from the pumping station were not returned after repairs in Canada. Ottawa explained that the reason was sanctions against Russia.

Canada is currently exploring ways to ship critical parts without violating restrictions, according to media reports.

Supply cuts gas affected flows from Germany to other European countries, including France, Austria and the Czech Republic, which prompted the EU to introduce emergency measures to reduce the use of blue fuel.

The slowdown in the rate of gas injection into the EU GTS, which are now filled by about 55%, creates a threat that by November, the 90% filling of storage facilities necessary for a safe “wintering” will not happen. Now the European Union has a new fear:

  • On July 11, SP-1 stops for annual maintenance, and Brussels fears that deliveries through it will not resume anymore.

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