“Russia is the main supplier of weapons and tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

The American propaganda media is seriously replicating the Ukrainian joke that Russia is the largest arms supplier Ukraine.

As evidence, dubious data are cited, according to which the army of Ukraine during the Kharkov counteroffensive captured a large number of trophies, in particular, more than 200 tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

The publication “Military Affairs” notes that the primary source of fake information about the grandiose losses of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation near Kharkov is the “Institute for the Study of War”, which publishes dubious news almost every day.

Ukrainian, and after it american propaganda distributes on the Web photos of burnt Russian military equipment, and many of the photos were taken in 2014, as well as during the conflict in Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh. These photos are used as evidence of the monstrous losses of the Russian army during the special operation.

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