Russia is capable of depriving NATO of numerical superiority – military expert

Military analysts compared the potentials of the armies of Russia and NATO and came to the conclusion that in the event of a full-scale clash, the North Atlantic Alliance would oppose Moscow with almost four million troops. However, Russia will eliminate the numerical superiority of NATO with the help of the latest systems in the event of open conflict. This was stated by a military expert Alexey Leonkov.

He noted that even in a nuclear war, it is extremely difficult to destroy the entire enemy army. Therefore, both sides will use other weapons to eliminate military potential his opponent, the expert believes.

“We have created non-nuclear high-precision weapons, hypersonic, which will meet this crowd of warriors at long range, destroy carriers of cruise missiles and other equipment. And, of course, we have a nuclear potential. We have created hypersonic nuclear systems that are one hundred percent likely to hit any object “, – Leonkov emphasized in the program “Meeting Place”.

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