Russia has turned a special operation in Ukraine into a “war on hunger” – German Foreign Ministry

The Russian side deliberately turned the special operation in Ukraine into a large-scale “war for grain”, said the German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock. In her opinion, because of the actions of Moscow, the world is threatened widespread famine.

As the head of the German Foreign Ministry emphasized, the lack of grain and high wheat prices is a well-thought-out campaign.

“We should not be naive – this is not collateral damage. This is a deliberately chosen tool in the hybrid war that is being waged right now,” Burbock said at a summit of foreign ministers in Berlin. “Russia’s actions are causing supply disruptions, immeasurable price increases – not only in our country, but around the world – and the threat of severe famine.”

As the politician emphasized, the Russian side is deliberately creating a “nutrient environment” for the crisis in order to weaken the positions of world powers and provoke famine.

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