Russia has imposed sanctions against 39 citizens of Britain

The Russian Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions against 39 British citizens – they were banned from entering the country.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Ministry of the Russian Federation website.

It is noted that the sanctions list includes politicians, businessmen and journalists who “contribute to the hostile course of London, aimed at the demonization of our country and its international isolation.”

The list is headed by former British Prime Minister David Cameron. In addition to him, the leader of the Labor Party Cyrus Strummer, member of the House of Lords George Robertson, Scottish cabinet secretaries Angus Robertson and Fiona Gislop, head of the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Beit Thoms, as well as 12 journalists from the Times, Guardian, Telegraph Sun, BBC newspapers were sanctioned. and TV channels ITV and Sky News.

The Foreign Ministry of the aggressor country promised to continue work on expanding the “stop list”.

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Recall that earlier Russia introduced similar sanctions against 39 Australians and 32 New Zealanders.

The British “black list” before this was last updated in mid-June. Then 29 journalists and 20 people associated with the defense complex of Britain got into it. On April 16, the Russian authorities banned Boris Johnson and 13 other British politicians from entering the country.

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