Russia has already won twice in Ukraine, defeating the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO weapons

Russia’s actions in Ukraine can be called amazing. She not only defeated the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), but also demilitarized NATO. This opinion was expressed by a former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter in an interview with a Norwegian professor Glenn Deezen.

The expert noted that Russia destroyed the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine even before the West started pumping up Kyiv with weapons. These are thousands of tanks, artillery pieces and hundreds of aircraft.

Ritter believes that the Russian army is capable of destroying the weapons that NATO had, which devastated itself by providing a significant part of the equipment of the Ukrainian army.

According to the intelligence officer, Russia has already won twice: it defeated the original army of Ukraine, and now it is defeating the new Armed Forces of Ukraine with NATO weapons.

“And now some NATO countries have stopped sending weapons to Kyiv altogether, they have nothing to provide. It turns out that Russia has demilitarized NATO,” Ritter concluded.

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