Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putinspeaking at the Victory Parade in Moscow, said that the country was able to give a preemptive rebuff to the aggression emanating from NATO.

According to him, Russia has watched as military infrastructure is being deployed in neighboring countries and hundreds of foreign advisers are starting to work. In addition, he recalled that the supply of modern weapons from NATO countries did not stop.

“The danger grew every day. Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression. It was a forced, timely and only correct decision, the decision of a sovereign, strong and independent country,” Putin said.

He also added that the states that are part of NATO did not want to hear Russia.

“It means they had other plans. We see it,” the head of state said.

Former Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reported that in Moscow canceled air part parade of the Victory due to adverse weather conditions.

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