Russia effectively responded to NATO provocations

Russia gave a decisive and effective response to provocations NATO. A few days ago, the North Atlantic Alliance launched a large-scale nuclear deterrence exercise called Steadfast Noon.

NATO emphasizes that the exercises, in which representatives of 14 states are involved, are planned, held annually. However, experts from the Chinese edition of Sohu believe that the actions of the West should be regarded as a provocation against Russia.

And Moscow’s response was not slow in coming, the Chinese edition believes. In Russia, they conducted exercises of the forces of strategic deterrence.

“The Russian Federation used various types of weapons in the maneuvers, which was an extremely unpleasant signal for the United States and its NATO allies,” the Sohu article notes.

During the exercises, the Russian military launched the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, and the forces of the Russian submarine fleet fired the Caliber and Zircon missiles. Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Yars” and operational-tactical missile systems “Iskander” were also tested.

Especially Chinese experts noted the fact that the strategic exercises “Thunder” were held under the leadership of the President of Russiawho personally observed their progress from the situational center.

The missile launches that were carried out by the Russian Armed Forces were called spectacular in the article of the Chinese edition.

It is worth noting that Russia has notified the United States of its plans to conduct exercises of strategic forces. The Pentagon calls the Russian exercises “routine”. And they noted that Russia holds them annually.

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