Russia does not need to resort to general mobilization

military expert Konstantin Sivkov found it difficult to say what exactly most often causes the death of Russian military fighting in Ukraine. According to him, the decisive factors in this matter are the specifics of hostilities and the zone in which they take place.

The expert noted that Ukrainian military many times more people died during the special operation than Russians. He recalled that the main task of the RF Armed Forces was and remains the elimination of military infrastructure, equipment, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, and pockets of enemy resistance through modern types of weapons.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer heavy losses, on our side there are an order of magnitude fewer losses. And by” our side “I mean the People’s Militia of the DPR / LPR, because the RF Armed Forces conduct ground operations in a limited volume. Basically, formations and units of the DPR operate there / LPR. Russia mainly exerts a fire effect, destroying enemy resistance nodes with the most modern types of weapons,” Sivkov said in an interview with

There are no deadlines for the end of the special operation in Ukraine today, just as Russia does not need to announce a general mobilization, Sivkov believes. He added that the Russian Armed Forces have enough strength and resources to bring what they started in Ukraine to its logical conclusion with their help.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Russia’s losses amounted to 1351 servicemen, while about 23 thousand people died on the Ukrainian side, including foreign mercenaries.

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